About me

Agnese Giudici

Professional Translation Services

As translation expert I am specialized in law and trade, technical, and web translations. My interests don’t include only the above said fields, in fact I am passionate with history, fashion and travels. Regarding the aspect of travelling, I am a cosmopolite, a world traveler.

This is what I like the most of my job; I can travel and bring the work with me. Translating for me is a life-style. I meet new people, new clients, new friends. Quality, efficiency and loyalty together with privacy are my key-words. When someone asks me “Why translations?”, well the answer is simple: when I translate, I feel powerful, I know that I can make cultures communicate on the paper.

My method is really easy: first of all, be sure the project suits you, second read the text carefully, third read it once more, firth research anywhere you can pieces of information about that theme, only then you can start the process of translation; so divide the text in segments and translate them. Read your translation at least 5 times, now you are ready to submit your job! It may sound long and boring but it is actually exciting and necessary for a good result.